John Sundheer – Founder & CEO

John Sudheer is an entrepreneur, film producer and Managing Director of RAMA Group. John has been an entrepreneur from an early age and has been able to set up and run several businesses in diverse fields. These include businesses in the medics’ fraternity, various restaurants and import and export of various commodities. He first came into the IT industry with the inception of the Atiens Software, an Enterprise software solution for media and entertainment industry. He founded the RAMA Group incorporating a diversified group of companies involved in healthcare, education, business consulting, import and export trade, mobile application platform development, and film and television productions. RAMA Group has, and is continuing to develop, partnerships in India, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia with the goal of uniting Asia under a singular entertainment umbrella. John is well admired and recognized for bringing together the best that Asia has to offer in Entertainment, Health Care, Education, and Information Technology.