Daniel Kimotho

Daniel is the community lead for EOS Nairobi, a strong block producer candidate supporting the global EOS ecosystem. Daniel and the EOS Nairobi team have set up the Kotani Blockchain Incubator to support blockchain startups and education. He is an Affiliate Scholar with the Institute for Blockchain studies (New York).The Institute for Blockchain Studies is an independent, non-profit research institute examining the economic and social impact of blockchain technology. Founded by Melanie Swan (PhD). He is also a Contributing Author and Founding member of the, Africa Digital Assets Forum (ADAF). The Africa Digital Assets Forum (ADAF) is an alliance of blockchain organizations in the African blockchain space. ADAF seeks to put in place a framework to finance Africa’s businesses through Initial Coin Offerings and Token Generation Events. Daniel is also co-founder of First Nexus Company a startup focused on Fourth Industrial revolution technology. FNC leverages research and skills acquisition to enable the use of technologies such as IoT, Big Data, Blockchain and AI to transform businesses in Africa and beyond.