Introducing Rama United Coin

RUC is the first entertainment utility coin designed to tokenise and supplement the rapid development and growth of the entertainment industry, especially in Asian markets.

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What is RUC?

Rama United Coin (RUC) is a platform for the future of funding for the entertainment industry built on top of the AION blockchain. It accelerates the growth of film companies by offering tools and services that allow viewers to be paid to watch films and for entertainment organizations to raise funding from their supporters.

The film industry has experienced tremendous growth over the last century driven by technology. The most popular modes of entertainment for audio-visual content are personal mobile devices, cinemas, and televisions. Currently, the global entertainment industry produces $1.8 trillion of revenue and is growing rapidly. The Asian entertainment industry and specifically, China, India, South Korea, Philippines, and Thailand are the main contributors to this growth.

Internet-based film content is growing at a particularly fast pace. Part of the reason for this explosive growth is that the internet provides cross-border and cross-cultural opportunities for creativity.

The Challenge

Despite the strong growth of the entertainment industry, there are structural problems holding back some parts of the industry. Some of the key problems include a lack of meaningful engagement between those involved in content creation and their viewers, distribution of this content, fair distribution of royalties, and the difficulty in securing funding for creative projects.

There is currently no widely accepted entertainment protocol that seeks to resolve these issues. RAMA wants to disrupt the entertainment industry by offering such a protocol and to focus on specific challenges that face fans, viewers, celebrities and content creators.

Our Tri-part Solution,
Powered by Blockchain

RUC Integrated Cross-Platform Token

RAMA has explored the aforementioned problems in the current entertainment ecosystem: the lack of engagement with celebrities, lack of voice in what films are made, lack of fair and transparent compensation for content creators, irrelevant ads, and distribution bottlenecks.

RAMA aims to use its existing movie business as a platform to build a blockchain based solution that will resolve many of the issues that bedevil the industry. Specifically, RAMA is designing an entertainment protocol which includes its two applications (Film Face and Star Chat), its movie production, Movie Talent Cafes and celebrity tokenization platform.

Film Face App

Film Face app is custom built for content creation by its users, publishing its own exclusive unreleased movie content, streaming live video content from events and purchasing additional video content.

Star Chat App

‘Star Chat’ is a  messenger app that allows fans to chat with celebrities and provides these fans with other custom privileges, in app rewards, puzzles, games and gifting options as well as ways to discover nearby users, and in app payment gateway. In addition to providing fans with even more exclusive access to their celebrity stars, celebrities and their managers will have more direct ways to interact with their fans to better manage trending conversations to help shape perceptions of their brands.

Movie Talent Cafe

RAMA’s Movie Talent Cafes will connect stars from the movie industry with their fans in person. The Cafes will provide opportunities for fans to meet and greet their favorite celebrity stars and will provide celebrities with another avenue to increase their fan base and promote their movies. These venues can even be used by producers and directors to find new talent for their movies.

Token Structure

Marketing Costs
Ecosystem building
Team & Advisors
Reserve Liquidity
Cost of 1 token RUC: 0.10 USD
Term of token sale: 75 days with the possibility of an automatic early completion in pursuing the final goals of ICO
Technical limitation of tokens: 300,000,000
Adjustable emission: All unsold and unallocated tokens will bе destroyed and additional release оf tokens will not be possible
Secured ways to purchase tokens: Bitcoin (ВТC), Ethereum (ETH), fiat payments
Hardcap: $40,000,000


May 2018
Release of Whitepaper
November 2018
Development of the Star Chart platform
December 2018
Development of the Film Face App
January 2019
Development of the product for RAMA crypto wallets
August 2018
Integration of Blockchain Technology into FilmFace App
December 2018
Development of the RAMA movie producer platform
March 2018
Development of a product for hedging of mining hardware

RAMA United Coin Utility Token Budget Allocation

  • 55% Product Development

  • %15 Cash Reserve

  • 15% Operating Costs

  • 10% Business Development

  • 5% Regulatory and Compliance

Our Team Members

Our Advisors